Santa PostOkay, so i am getting a bit excited about Christmas, mainly because this year i am celebrating with a very excitable 10 month old baby! Not only that but one that has recently learned to crawl, stand, pull himself up and generally is a barrel full of energy and fun!

So, i thought about what i could do each year for Christmas, and i thought to help with ensuring Jasper falls in love with Christmas, i wanted to start a tradition. Each year, Jasper will be getting a letter from Santa. We are going to keep them so when the question ever pops up of ‘is santa real’ i can say ‘of course!’ Mainly because he has been writing to him since his first christmas (and im sure i could always bring these letters up on his 18th birthday).

So, i fell across a website, obviously run by Santa’s design team in the north pole, and for the little sum of £3.99 (i imagine for the paper costs and to keep Santa’s bills down) he will write to Jasper! Santa Post letters are personalised with details such as most wanted present, best friends name and any achievements accomplished this year.

The Santa letters are made to a high standard using premium stationery which features their own exclusive Santa design, each letter includes a free Christmas door hanger that reminds Santa to ‘Stop Here’ on one side and lets your child know that ‘Santa has visited’ on the other.

To complete the magic, each letter contains a pinch of ‘wishing dust’ added personally by Santa before being posted directly to your child in our brightly coloured envelopes. Now, i know you are all asking if he does them for big kids too and YES HE DOES! So, for a little fee of just £3.99, you can get your own letter from Santa.

Take a little trip to:-

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