Footmuff from John LewisI wanted to tell everyone about my fab foot-muff that I have brought from John Lewis for Jasper. Mainly, because I get asked about it all the time and people don’t believe me when I tell them the price and then its from John Lewis! So, I brought Jaspers fab foot-muff for……£25! Yes, its gorgeous and i wanted something warm, washable but funky for my little hunky man. So, I went to and ordered it! It was really simple to order and came within 1 working day. It is good because you can have it as just a buggy liner (and unzip the foot-muff bit off) or you can have it zipped on and wrap up baby nice and warm. Also, when washing, I popped into the machine on 40, and then on the radiator and within a couple of hours it was dry and looking just like new.

The foot-muff I think is beautiful and really different from the others I have seen. Its bright, really funky and I get loads (and I mean loads!) of comments and questions on where I brought it from! It also has all the holes so you can of course poke through all the straps etc to stop baby escaping from the pushchair. I love my bright red foot-muff and Jasper does too….so much so he shares his chocolate with it, so another wash is needed.


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